International perspectives and research on the ‘Future of Work’.

2019 – This book is an anthology made by Frauenhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering, IAO in Stuttgart, Germany, based on the contributions to a conference on the ‘Future of Work’ in December 2018 and a scientific symposium in July 2019. The conference was accompanied by a ‘Virtual World Tour’, a 24-hour trip around the world connecting with 12 renowned institutes.

  • These events took place in the frame of an priority research program ‘Work in a digitalized world’, that was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the European Social Fund (ESF). The book consists of three main parts:
  • Future of work (general)
  • Artificial Intelligence and work
  • Skills and competences.

Bauer, Wilhelm; Oliver Riedel; Walter Ganz; Karin Hamann (eds.) `International perspectives and research on the „Future of Work”`. International scientific symposium held in Stuttgart 2019. Frauenhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO.
The e-book can be downloaded and you can order the paper version via the website:

Attached you can find a document which presents briefly the 15 separate articles by many authors from many countries all over the world.


Themes: Innovation and Innovation capacity, Dynamic management and Leadership
Sector: n.a.
Source: Book, Research report