Equal Product Validation

Saber Fazer

Equal Product Validation

Equal Portugal, 2004

ISSN: 1645 6742

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Validation of EQUAL products is a component of the “quality approach” adopted by the Programme, and is a mandatory requirement for the dissemination of practices and technical resources designed and tested by the Development Partnerships (DPs).

In view of importance that the EQUAL Initiative gave to product dissemination, financing activities specifically devoted to spreading and transferring outcomes (Action 3), there was clearly a need for tangible products that were of recognized quality. Designed to help address that need, the “Methodology for the analysis of quality and validation of EQUAL Products” was launched and put into operation in the Thematic Networks (TNs). In just a few months, the Methodology has been found to have huge potential.

Validation has been making an unquestionably valuable contribution to identifying the sphere of the products themselves, and to upgrading their content and value. The reflection process within the TN, in which peers and outside experts play an active part, has enabled authors to introduce significant improvements to their products. There is even consensus now on the benefits of there being a mid-term validation exercise or “utilisation test”, which would give

authors/designers the benefit, at an earlier stage, of outside feedback and the added value that could emerge for their products. Validation should, therefore, be regarded as one step in a continual improvement process.

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