European Journal of Workplace Innovation

Special Double Issue: European Approaches to Sustainable Work

2021 – The new Volume of the European Journal of Workplace Innovation is a Special Double Issue, edited by guest editors from Sweden. (See reference).

Table of Content


1. Preface Editorial                                                                                Richard Ennals (Editor in Chief)

3. European Approaches to Sustainable work: Introductory remarks                                                                         Kenneth Abrahamsson, Maria Albin, Liesbeth Lagerlöf, Chris Mathieu

Issue 1


8. How can Europe tackle the three employment challenges: the digital, the climate and the pandemic  transition?                                                                                          Allan Larsson, Kenneth Abrahamsson,

19.  Sustainable work in transition: Policy background concepts and research arenas                                                  Kenneth Abrahamsson

Discussion Forum

48. The Swedish Platform for Sustainable Work in 2020: in retrospect                                                                                          Elisabeth Lagerlöf, Maria Albin


67. Eurofound’s Reference Framwork: Sustainable work over life course in the EU                                                        Franz Ferdinand Elfe


Discussion Forum

84. OSH in the future: where next?                                             Wiiliam Cockburn

98. Generating health and safety knowledge for innovative and sustainable workplaces: a PEROSH Perspective       Mary Trainor, Jan Michiel Meeuwsen, Paulien Bongers


119. Stressors at work and elsewhere: a global survival approach                                                                                      Lennart Levi

Issue 2

130. High and rising senior employment in the Nordic countries                                                                                       Bjorn Einar Halvorsen


147Sustainable work for health and job longevity                Maria Albin, Theo Bodin, Eskil Wadensjö

 163. The generative relationship between job quality, innovation and employment                                                Chris Mathieu, Susanne Boethius

187. Digitalisation and Sustainable work: obstacles and pathways                                                                                          Lena Abrahamsson, Jan Johansson

198. Stakeholder collaboration inspired by the Nordic model: towards sustainable work and competitiveness during an industrial start-up                                                    Ulrika Harlin, Martina Berglund, Katrin Skagert, Mattias Elf

 220. The shifting role of unions in the social dialogue     Anders Kjellberg

Conclusion                                                                                        245. Our Common Futures of Sustainable Work: Concluding Reflections                                                                      Kenneth Abrahamsson


European Journal of Workplace Innovation: Special Double Issue: European Approaches to Sustainable Work. Kenneth Abrahamsson, Maria Albin, Elisabeth Lagerlöf, Chris Mathieu (Editors) Volume 6, Issues 1-2, March 2021.

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